This week I have mostly been …

This week I have tried to share my professional experience and insight by responding to research inquiries and questionnaires. But it can get a bit silly…

I have been asked about staff ASD training and confidence (sound idea with practical potential).

I have been asked about my confidence in planning the teaching of reading (good idea to inform staff development plans)

I have been asked about mental health service development needs for Sheffield (vital, but seriously pessimistic)

I have been asked about proposed changes to Ofsted Inspection (relevant, obviously, but doubtful that my input will make any difference, and without the formal consultation actually being open)

I was asked about Brexit contingency planning and preparation (my response was as brief as our plan)

I was asked about LED light bulbs (seriously!)

School was asked three times about procurement practices (because they wouldn’t be fobbed off)

I am crucially aware of the research need for quality information that is honest and full, as the data we try to use often has gaping holes in it. Where there is a chance that research might be well-designed and well-intended and useful we try to participate. My wonderful colleagues responded in numbers to a student’s request around ASD provision; they saw the immediate relevance and wanted to help.

But Brexit planning and LED light bulbs can go sit over there.

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