Tramlines and Standards in Public Life

I had a day ticket for Saturday down at Tramlines and I took my buddy along. Both being local we played a round of ‘who can spot most people they know’.

With both of us being teachers we found the ‘spots’ soon racking up.

We shared a few, as we would, with shared friends and acquaintances, but he led by a few as it is more a venue and event for groups of teenagers to go by themselves (Liam works in a Secondary School).

Where it got interesting was watching, and joining in with The Everley Pregnant Brothers. Liam once worked with Big Shaun, and ‘the nicest man in Yorkshire', Richard Bailey (Bails), was a contemporary of mine at Sheffield City Polytechnic in the late 1980s. If you were there, or if you know the band and their music, you know that there can be some adult language in their set.

Is it appropriate for Liam and me to be seen, in public, belting out all the lyrics? Is that behaviour in contravention of the Standards in Public Life? Does it contravene the Teacher Standards, and potentially form a breach of Contract?

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