We will be open as usual on Monday 4th January

To give clarity where there is 'noise' and confusion, speculation and doubt, rumour and contradiction:

We will be open as usual on and from Monday 4th January, until the people who know better than we do tell us otherwise.

Greg Fell, Sheffield's Director of Public Health, has issued a detailed letter to schools this afternoon, explaining why it is safe for Primary Schools to open tomorrow. It uses the publicly available data to show how Sheffield's context is not the same as the national picture and widely different to the current Covid-19 situation in London and the south east.

We are naturally concerned, as parents will be, but we are reassured that the entire school community is at least as safe as they were in October 2020 (which does seem a long time ago).

We must ensure that we rigorously apply all the necessary safety measures as before:

Hands, Face, Space, Replace.

No one with symptoms should come near school.

Anyone with symptoms should get a test and stay away from school until a negative result or until the isolation period has ended.

Avoid public transport if you can.

Follow social distancing principals inside and outside school (at the gate).

Minimise contacts outside school.

Avoid coming onto the school site if you can - use staff at the gates, email, telephone or a note with your child to communicate with us.

We will circulate Greg Fell's letter to all parents - it contains a great deal of reassurance.

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