Wear a coat, will you?

The topic for the next round table discussion and consultation group will be ‘adverse weather and school closures’. The date and time is on the school calendar and the event will be published like this week’s in the Newsletter and by email direct to parents. This was one of the items raised in the Governors ‘Feedback’ process and I wanted parents to have the chance to ask questions and for me to listen to opinion.

We can normally expect a few days and nights of ice and snow during the winter months and these days can lead to strange conflicts of opinion and action, and equal misunderstandings. We have managed to safely, comfortably and effectively stay open every day every winter for at least 12 years, and we do hope to extend this run or avoiding school closures.

At the meeting I’ll explain how and why.

We get some conflict because of absence coding, if a child is late those days or absent, and I’ll explain that, too.

We get confusion and conflict because we make a different decision to another school, despite being close neighbours – I’ll try to explain that one.

We have always managed to open at our normal time and to stay open all day each day. I will explain our approach and how we achieve this.

We are challenged each year by a few parents to make a bigger splash about being open, but I will explain why we do not broadcast that we are expecting to be open.

It was wet today (Friday 12th October), but we managed to go outside during both playtime and right through the lunch break. I did have to be quite firm with many children about putting a coat on, with some children needing to be told rather than asked, and a few needing to be told more than once. I find a coat doesn’t work if left in the cloakroom or worn round the waist. We want to promote resilience and good health, so we will go out, but will expect a coat to be worn. Please do not be surprised if we have to be firm in our insistence.

I would not accept that children were sent to school without a coat (especially when I had seen them arrive this morning wearing one!) These children were challenged and some were escorted to their cloakroom to get the coats.

A bit of adverse weather today did not stop us playing out, or some children 'trying it on'.

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