What do they teach them in schools these days!

It appears that Ofsted Inspectors, in testing out the new Inspection Framework, like to ask children about their learning in a very Secondary School subject structure: ’Can you tell me what you have learnt in history?’, or ‘Do you think you have learnt a lot in geography this year?’

Painfully for some schools the frequent response is a blank look, as children don’t seem to recognise that they have done any learning in subjects they might not recognise if they have ‘Topic’ instead.

This week, when our soon-to-be Year 3s visited for assembly and break, I posed the question, ‘What do we learn at school?’ on large whiteboard at the front of the Hall.

I was aiming to collect responses rich in ‘soft skills’, such as; how to be friends, to be kind, to try hard, that reading is fun, how to be healthy, that sort of thing.

In fact the first six answers were all subject specific – literacy, maths, DT, science…

It wasn’t until I wrote a sentence starter as a prompt that the children, from both Year 2 at our Infant feeder school, and our own Year 3, gave answers that went, ‘How to …’

I only had time to collect a few, but the children got the idea – school is about much more than just tables facts and a grammar rule.

I left the board and pens in the Hall for lunchtime and came back to find it full – on both sides.

(I did have to rub out some disappointing / rude contributions – all in the same handwriting and pen colour, so I am not claiming our pupils are all just perfect, but they were brilliant in joining in and contributing.)

Photos attached.

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