The Space Centre and World Book Day

This week all of year 5 went on a trip to the national space centre. While we were there we visited the planetarium where we learnt about how difficult it is to live in space and how you needed lots of training to become a professional astronaut. Also as well as the planetarium we went up to the top of a tall building that towered over the space centre that had a massive real life rocket that made a racket constantly because it was simulating a launch. We spent some time researching our chosen planet (not earth) and many other topics of space. Also on Thursday we all dressed up for world book day. We dressed up as many different characters from a variety of books. In the afternoon we went on a scavenger hunt where we had to find the scrambled letters and name the book. We also went around the school looking at the pictures of the teachers reading. We couldn't see their faces so we had to guess by looking at their hair and clothes. We had a great day.

Jacob and Lewis year 5 AP

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