The Vikings topic

Currently in year 5 we've started a new topic on the Vikings . So far we've learnt why they left their homeland and why they came to ours. Children are enjoying this topic on the Vikings because of the interesting facts and fun dress up days (Viking day.)We also found out that Vikings don't have horns on their helmets but the Victorians thought that they would look scarier. The Viking topic is a fun educational topic that most kids will love . We still haven't learnt much but children are excited for this new topic. They lived in Scandinavia (Norway,Sweden and Denmark) but moved to Britain because it was too crowded. They also had terrible farming land due to too many mountains and terrible weather it was also too close to the sea.The Vikings met the Anglo Saxons and decided to trade skills, items and people (trading sometimes got harsh/brutal). This topic could get hard at times but everybody will still enjoy it because it is so fun!

by Isabelle and Ananya

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