Thinking about characters

This week, we have been reading 'Stanley and the Magic Lamp' by Jeff Brown. In the story, there is a character called Tom McRude who is the best tennis player in the world and loves showing everyone how good he is. However, he is very rude to everyone.

Based on his actions in the book, the children have been thinking about what the other characters think of him and wrote words to describe him around the outside of a picture of a person. They then considered whether he might think the same about himself and wrote words that he might use inside the picture. We were very impressed with the vocabulary that the children thought of. Based on his actions, they described him with words such as 'arrogant', 'sour', 'disgraceful' and 'jealous' but thought he might think of himself as 'impressive', 'inspiring', 'special' or 'mighty'.

Following this, the children discussed what reasons he might have for behaving in the way that he does and predicted what might happen next in the story.

They enjoyed rewriting the events in the book from Tom's point of view.

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