Thursday 14th February

Y6NL in the woods.

On Monday, we made squirrel assault courses based on an old Carling Black Label advert. We made them out of only natural things we found in the forest. After that, we had delicious hot chocolate and biscuits.

On Wednesday, we split into 2 groups. Half of the time we made woodland charms and the other half of the time we made woodland perfume. For the woodland charms, we decorated slices of tree trunks. We could draw anything we liked as long as it was woodland themed. Once we had finished, we threaded string through them and hung them on a tree. We now have them hanging in our classroom and they look really nice. We made the woodland perfumes by finding different things from the forest that smelt nice and combining them to make a nice-smelling mixture. We added water to dilute it. We had to make a forest smell - some of them smelled amazing!

We were very lucky with the weather and had lots of fun.

Mr Killick visits to talk business

All the year 6s were treated to a talk from Mr Killick this week. He is a small business advisor and came to talk to us before we set up our own businesses for our Apprentice Sale. He told us how he failed a couple of times but it didn't stop him and he went on to form his own successful business. He learnt from his mistakes!

He gave us some good ideas for our Apprentice Sale which is going to be on the morning of WEDNESDAY 6TH MARCH. All the Y6s are going to think about their businesses over the holidays and come back with their ideas so we can work on our stalls for the big day. We are hoping to make lots of money towards our Edale Fund.

Area formulas

Y6JP have been working on area this week. We already knew the formula for finding out the area of a rectangle (A = L x H) We learnt how to find the area of a triangle and the formula for that ( 1/2 B x H)

We then put together what we knew to find the area of compound shapes. We are all pretty confident now!

Chess tournament quarter finals

The atmosphere was very tense in Y6JP on Wednesday afternoon as we saw the quarter finals of our chess tournament take place. After some close matches we now have our semi-finalists.

The semi-finals will be played after half term. Well done to Fin, Louis, Wilf and Fraser. Good luck - get some practice in over the holidays!

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