Wa Wa poetry at home

Here are some pictures of the Wa Wa that children have designed at home based on the poem and poems they have written to go with them. We are very impressed at how creative and imaginative you are!

This is Lyla's work:

We've got a Wa Wa at our place,

He likes to run around and chase,

Multicoloured and magical,

He will jump upon your knee,

And gobble up all your tea.

Ever so sparkly,

His tail is 'oh wow' as you can see,

We've got a Wa Wa that comes at half past three,

And wants to be super friendly.

We've got a Wa Wa, come and see,

How spiky and snotty he can be,

Bumpy and lumpy,

Silly and grumpy (sometimes),

His eyes are swirly,

His hair is curly,

His horns are grippy,

He is very nippy,

Drippy and dippy,

He roars like a dinosaur.

We've got a Wa Wa at our place,

He will beat you in any race.

Here is Daisy's work:

We've got a Wa Wa in our bedroom,

He sometimes explodes, making a boom,

Naughty and cheeky,

Annoying and sneaky,

Changing form

To a piece of popcorn!

Dancing around

On my bed "Get down!"

Sleep walks all night,

Gives Harry a fright!

We've got a Wa Wa in my bedroom,

Turns into popcorn, so I eat him with a spoon.

Here is Iona's picture and poem:

My Wa Wa comes out when it's time for lunch,

She's always hungry so she likes to munch,

Nibble and gnaw,

Ever so neat

But ever so sweet,

Always great with her knife and fork,

When her mouth is full she doesn't like to talk,

Sits up straight,

Never late,

Pretty and prancy,

Ever so fancy.

Here is Freya's poem:

Here is the Wa Wa that Hope designed:

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