Wednesday Science Week - Trash Island

Wednesday’s Science Week activities had two objectives:

  • to understand some of the environmental impact of plastic pollution, and to
  • understand what they could do to reduce the problem.

We used these silicone oven-mitts as a simulation of a seabird’s beak.

Having littered the ocean surface with plastics (Hama beads scattered over a trug full of water) the children tried feeding. They aimed for one colour, as if it was food, but of course accidentally picked up lots of the ‘pollution’.

Damage to the food chain was demonstrated.

We looked also at some T-shirt designs available on-line, where the logo and caption are campaigning to protect the seas and oceans. We considered and discussed the power and persuasiveness of each design, and then had a go ourselves. This produced some of the most visually impressive work of the week so far.

We gave each child a few beads to look after – those that lost some over the day learned directly about how we, inadvertently, are contributing the pollution threat.

Objectives achieved.

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