Happy half term.

What an unusual half term this has been! Some of you have been coming into school, while others have been doing their learning at home. It seems like a long time since all of our lovely Year 5 family have been together. Luckily, we have this blog to share what we have been up to! 

At school this week, there has been lots going on. On Tuesday, the Y5 and Y6 children spent a day in the forest with Rohan. You can see from these photos that they did lots of activities and had a brilliant experience. 

On Thursday, Mrs Loosley set the children a challenge - to build the tallest towers possible out of spaghetti and marshmallows. It was much more difficult than we expected - partly because it was a really warm day and the marshmallows were melting! Here are some pictures of the tower-building action!

The children at home have been just as busy. 

This boy has managed to find all the letters for his 'abstract alphabet' and has also made this eye-catching poster about saving water. 

This girl has been doing lots of home learning and has also found time to get outside and be active. 

Here is another great poster about saving water. This girl has also been putting her science knowledge into action and growing plants from seed. 

Daniel was inspired to write this dragon story - he already had the brilliant dragon's eye drawing to go with it. 

This boy has had another busy week, doing lots of maths home learning. He also managed to finish this tricky 500 piece jigsaw. 

Raul has worked hard on his colourful shape nets maths work. 

Reuben wrote this interesting report about the history of Lego, using the key information from this week's home learning film.

Simeon was also inspired by the film to write this detailed report; we are learning a lot about Lego on this week's blog!

Here we have another great poster about saving water. Remina has also made this beautiful patchwork piece for Mrs Smith's 'patchwork piano' project.

She is not the only one to do patchwork this week. Jess, Ellie and Anna-Maria have also been busy creating these fantastic patchwork pieces!

Sophie recently read this book about a girl, from South Sudan, who had to travel to collect water for her family every day. She was inspired by this book to raise money for Water Aid - a charity who work to improve access to clean water to those in need. 

She decided to do a sponsored walk - the Y5 'river walk', which we usually do next half term - and has raised £290 so far! What a great achievement, which will help to improve the lives of others. 

The Y5 teachers would like to wish you all a happy and healthy half term. Don't forget to send us some photos to share!

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