What an unusual week!

It has been very different at school this week, with many of you working at home, leaving a small number of us at school. We have had lots of fun doing various activities: exhausting daily Joe Wicks workouts; karate sessions; making talismans and perfume in the woods; doodle art work; creating mini books; lots of PE; extra long play times in the sun; making pizzas; and even some maths and English. The people at school have missed their friends though and are looking forward to seeing photos of what they have been up to. 

Thomas from Y5EC has created this amazing outdoor space art - well done!

If you have any pictures of work that you would like to share, they can be sent to the Y5 email address and we will put them on the next blog. 

Parents will have received an email today including some links of fun things to do over the holidays. There is also an email about the Lydgate Easter Egg event - so get creating! 

We hope that you all have a happy and healthy holiday and look forward to seeing you soon. 

The Y5 team. 

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