Wonderful work from our Y6 children

We have enjoyed seeing all of the amazing work that our Y6 children have been doing over the last couple of weeks.

Firstly, our rainbow fence is looking amazing and there are so many beautiful additions - it is worth taking a look. Here are a few of the Y6 additions in the making that have shown super craftmanship:

In our science work, we have been looking at the circulatory system. As part of this, the children have been testing their lung capacity, with some very impressive results!

Also, we have been taking a closer look at our blood and what it is made up of. Having investigated this, the children have made models of the blood by finding different materials to represent the different elements of the blood. Here are some of the great models:

Our art project on moving figures has been progressing well with some great photography and sketching skills:

In maths, Y6 have been working on their theme parks, calculating the entry fees and then the profit. Also, the children have been designing board games, practising long division and working with fractions:

In our RRS work, we have been thinking about acts of kindness, which are so important right now. Take a look at a couple of examples to show what our Y6 children think:

In school, the children have been busy too. This week they all worked together to create their own version of 'The Tree of Life' by Gustav Klimt. The picture was divided into 24 sections and each person made their own version of their section. We then put them all together to create this beautiful display:

Also, the Y6 children have been having a go at growing their own rainbows. Why not give it a try yourselves with kitchen roll and felt tips.

The week in school was rounded off on Thursday with a VE day tea party where the Y5 and 6 children made bunting and wartime buns (no egg recipe). They then invited the Y3 and 4 children to join them to celebrate:

Finally, we have loved seeing how our Year 6 children have been keeping themselves busy in other ways, from model building to baking. If you are feeling bored, maybe look at some of these ideas for inspiration of things to do...

We look forward to seeing what the children get up to over the next week.

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