Wonderful Writing

During our 'The Arrival' project, we have seen some fantastic writing. We wanted to share a few examples with you....


The Arrival by Joshua

“What’s going on?” Ishout above the loud noise of the crowd. Why are we here?

Why does my mum looklike she’s trying not to cry? I had just woken up this morning

expecting a normalday, but then my mum and dad had told me that we were going

out as they packed asuitcase. Of course, I was very confused, because it was so

early. Someone brushespast me, our shoulders touching. I’m going to apologize, but

when I look at him, Isee that he’s crying. There are huge tears rolling down his

cheeks, dropping ontothe ground. As I glance around, I notice that there are lots of

families crying. Whaton earth was happening?

“Honey, I havesomething to tell you.” My mum whispered. “Daddy is going away.”

“What?” I reply, inshock.

“He...He has to goaway.” Suddenly, the world feels cold. The only thing I can sense

is the smell of coal,clogging up my nose, the sound of crying and my mum and dad

saying my name, overand over again. And the sound of my heartbeat, thumping,

thumping, thumping. Icome back into reality.

”I don't want you togo Daddy!” I really didn't want him to go. He was the one that put

me to bed every night.He was the one that read me ‘The Hobbit’ every night.

I feel like Golem didwhen he lost the ring. But I’m losing my dad. Which I think is

much worse.

“Ich werde dichvermissen” he whispered to my mum. I think that it was german, but

I'm not sure. I don'tlike that he’s speaking in a different language. It means that he

doesn't want me toknow what he's saying. The train started to whistle, and the

Station Master waswaving his flag. “Goodbye” was the only thing he said to me. I

stared around as otherdads, only dads, started to walk over to the train doors

weakly, looking backat their families, before turning back.

“Ich liebe dich” mymum choked, as she swallowed the tears that were dribbling

down her face, fromher eyes, to her mouth, and onto the ground.

My father started toslowly walk away, when he turned, and sprinted towards me.

Whatwas he doing? Slowly, he reached up to his hat, and took it offto reveal a

white paper dove.Bending down, he passed it over to me.

“When you look atthis, remember me.” he whispered into my ear. Those are the last

words that I may everhear from him. The ticket master inside the train is closing all

of the doors, as myfather runs over, and jumps into it, through the door.

The train hooted, andstarted to move slowly into the distance. “Bye bye Daddy.”

Came out of my mouthas a tear trickled down my cheek.

The walk home isweird. Usually when I walk through this alleyway, it's with Daddy. I

remember last time, hetold me a funny joke, about a torch and a cave. I try to smile,

but my mouth won'twork. It's like I'm dead. A ghost drifting around a barren land. A

ghost that doesn'tthink, doesn't feel. Tears are flowing down my Mother's face. A

river of sadness andloss.

Joshua Childs Friday 10th July

“Mummy? Why did Daddygo?” I choke. She doesn’t answer. I stare at her. Her blue

eyes, now circled withred from crying. Her acorn brown hair, a bushy mess. her

usually broad, braveshoulders, now sagging in misery. The person I usually look up

to, for herdetermination and kindness, now looks scared. An emotion I had almost

never seen in herbefore. As I watched her, something came to my realization. Life

would never be the same again.

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