Work at school and home plus more Easter fun

Hello everyone! The first week back to learning after the Easter holidays has been very busy. 

Some Y5s have been doing their learning at school this week and have done all kinds of different things. Mrs Rougvie and Mrs Loosley were teaching Y5 and Y6 together on Tuesday (there were only 7 children) and we did: a Joe Wicks workout (phew!), Karate, Japanese writing, some reading and writing about beavers, a maths hunt with iPads and lots of outdoor play in the sunshine. We also learnt to make friendship bracelets which was really fun. We thought that we could make some to give to our friends when we can see them again. 

Here is a link to a video tutorial, showing you how to make 5 different friendship bracelets (we did the first one). You could have a try at home - don't forget to email photos of your bracelets so that we can all see them!

The Y5s at home have also been very busy. Sam chose to write a newspaper report for his writing task about The Lighthouse film. He used a teabag to make it look old. 

Jude made this diagram to show the life cycle of a plant. If you look carefully when you are outside, you might see some of these stages in action.

Tabitha has been going over the maths topics we have done in Year 5 so far and, this week, she has been practising fractions work. 

Imogen has also been working hard on her home learning tasks. Here is her reading work about Persephone. 

Ellie has also been very busy, at home and at school!

Oscar has also had a very busy week.  

Lucy made an Easter cake which looks delicious!

Chloe made these two fantastic Easter egg creations. 

Please remember to send pictures of what you've been doing to the Year 5 email address. It is lovely to keep in touch on this blog. 

Have a happy and healthy weekend everybody and enjoy your learning next week. There is a very funny poem and film for you in the home learning email to your parents and carers! There is also an exciting art competition. 

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