Working towards a Plastic Clever School

This week in RRS, we have been learning about being a Plastic Clever School, which means that, as a school, we are raising awareness and campaigning for this project. As year 5, we are writing to different newspapers, radios, government and shops about how our school wants to help change the world. The whole school is working on different parts of this campaign, such as decreasing the amount of single-use plastic that us and others use.

In our letters, we have been writing about how we are going to go on a march through Crosspool on the 23rd of May, at 2:30pm. On this march, we will be holding banners that will help raise awareness to care for the world more. 

In conclusion, we have been learning how marine life and wildlife animals are getting harmed by us people. We would really appreciate it if you could be more aware on how much single-use plastic you use and what you throw away every day.

Thank you,

Sophie and Gayoung.5SH

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