Writing a setting description

This term in Year 3, we have been working on adding detail to our writing. We have worked on using 'powerful' verbs, adjectives and adverbs, as well as how to use the senses to create a description of a setting. This week we have continued to read a version of the story of Oliver Twist. We read the part when he arrived in London for the first time after running away then watched the film version of that scene. We all wrote a paragraph to describe a Victorian London street. Here are some examples of our amazing writing:

As Oliver reached London, he felt a shiver go down his spine as he was jostled about the crowd of noisy people. He looked around and gave a gasp. Oliver had just seen the biggest, most amazing building in is life. A steam train whizzed past and engulfed his nostrils with choking steam. He smelt the horrible smell of horse poo as they clattered along the grey cobblestone. He had no one to look after him. He was lonely.   (Ciara)

Oliver was getting painfully overwhelmed with all his bruises from people bumping into him. The sound wasn't helping either. It was deafening. In fact, the sound of clip-clopping and shouting was so loud, he actually thought he was going to turn deaf. He staggered over to a place where he could rest. From here, he could still smell urine and smoke but it was a bit better. Just then, a steam train came over a an old bridge. Time seemed to slow down when the people on board shouted and waved.   (Eddie)

Oliver was bewildered by the gigantic amount of people that were in busy London. Suddenly a train roared on a massive bridge overhead. The buildings towered over Oliver's small head. The sound of babies crying, children screaming and shopkeepers shouting filled his ears.   (Daniel)

Oliver arrived in London and the first of many things caught his eye. He could see the biggest building he had ever seen in his life. Oliver was overwhelmed by the amount of people jostling in the crowd. London had one problem. It was full of people, people Oliver didn't know. But somehow he still felt alone. He could smell smoke that was so thick, he could almost taste it. Oliver quickly learned that London was full with noises. He could barely hear himself think for the sound of men shouting and babies crying. Before he could start to walk around and explore, a train came rushing along a nearby bridge. Oliver could hear it's whistle blowing in the background. The ashes and smoke from the steam train were filling Oliver's mouth and nose. Oliver wasn't sure if he liked London or not.   (Coralie)

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