Writing, sewing, walking and a new dog!

This is the time of year when we think about moving on. We visit our new classrooms, spend time with our new teachers and we have a really big sort out and tidy up. It's all a bit different this year and some of you may be feeling a little bit apprehensive about the next step. We have sent you a Powerpoint and video and we hope that they have made you feel a little bit excited about returning to school in September! Your new teachers have sent you a letter to tell you all about themselves and about life in year 5. They would love you to reply so they know a little bit about you too. You can send your letters in the post or email them to year5@lydgate-jun.sheffield.sch.uk

We know you are going to love year 5 - it's a whole new adventure!

As always, we would like to say thank you and well done for another great week of learning.

There has been lots of lovely writing happening, at home and at school. SS bubble made these fabulous exploding books all about the Titanic.

Allen made an exploding book too and tied it with a ribbon. He has been working really hard on his maths and is getting really quick. He's also used an app called SEEK to explore the natural environment in his back yard. He's looking forward to doing the river challenge next. 

Allen also found this musical version of the 'Sea Fever' poem we all looked at this week. Have a listen.


Here's another really impressive book. This (very happy!) boy is showing off everything he has learnt about the Titanic over the last few weeks. Great job.

Isabel made this clever film trailer to show off her knowledge. Expertly done Isabel!

And here we have a circle book of facts. There was even time to make a bongo drum!

Ellie has been fascinated by the Titanic story. This week, she researched some of the artefacts that were found in the wreckage. She made this picollage showing some of them. 

She has also been busy making this presentation to explain how the digestive system works. Good work Ellie.

Alex also made a powerpoint presentation to show what he knows and he knows a lot!

JD bubble have been working on the digestive system too. After making their junk models, they made posters to showing what they have learnt. Very informative.

Here's Isabel again, this time with a film about digestion. We think she would make a great teacher!

This week isn't all about the Titanic and digestion though. Here's our talented seamstress with her latest creation - a Harry Potter cushion. Perfect to snuggle up with while reading a good book.

And here's someone enjoying the great outdoors. The weather didn't stop her as she climbed all the way to the top of Win Hill. Phew!

And finally, Oliver is very excited to announce that he is getting a new addition to his family next week. Meet Barney, possibly the cutest dog in the world.

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