Y3D/deB Maths Art

Just before the school closed, we had a trip cancelled due to travel restrictions. Instead, we had a fun day in school which included some activities in the woods and some art.

Y3D/deB did some maths art. Every child in the class made patterns using different sized concentric circles. We intended to cut these into four equal parts to make quarters and then mix up the quarters to make a large piece of art. We did not manage to finish this before the school closed, so Mrs Dutton took all the pieces home and has covered her living room floor in the quarters to arrange into one large picture. They have now been stuck together and it is currently brightening up Mrs Dutton's house. It looks amazing! She will return it to school when it reopens so you can see it but, for now, here is a picture of the finished thing:

The pattern contains the fractions 3/4, 2/4 (equivalent to 1/2) or 1/4 of the circles.

It is also an array of 7 x 16 = 112 pieces.

What fraction of the circles do you think is in one row or column?

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