Y5 Home Learning

As many of you will be staying at home for a while, we have put togethera guide to home learning for you.  This is not compulsory but we hope itgoes some way to keeping the children engaged and busy for the next week or so.We will be in touch soon with more ideas.

From the Year 5 teachers


·        Read every day

·        Write a book review

·        Make a word search from your spellings(see list)

·        reviserelative clauses (see pack of activities) https://www.bbc.co.uk/bitesize/topics/zwwp8mn/articles/zsrt4qt


We have been reading lots of the ‘1001 ArabianNights’ stories and your child will be familiar with the common themes inthese. We would like them to plan their own 1002nd Arabian Nightsstory, using a storyboard (comic strip) plan. We would then like them to writetheir own story, including some of the common themes.

If your child has already written their story atschool, they can finish it off if needed, illustrate it, act it out or evenwrite another one. Your child could also read the story aloud to you and otherfamily members to show off all the writing skills they have learned this year.


Times Tables.

·        TT Rockstars

·        MyMaths

·        Education City for those who havehome access.

·        Hit the Button:  https://www.topmarks.co.uk/maths-games/hit-the-button  (please select times tables)

Revision task.

We have been learning about decimals andpercentages in maths this half term. We are sending a booklet resources toconsolidate this learning with your child. We have set MyMaths tasks on thesetopics and there are lots of games on there too.



What can you find out about Aliand Abu Bakr (two of the firstCaliphs in the Early Islamic Civilisations)? Who was Caliph first? How was thisdecided?

Alternatively (or as well), you could find out about which goodswere traded along the trade routes through Baghdad at this time.

You can choose how to present your findings (e.g. a poster, a mindmap, PowerPoint or give a talk about it to someone).


Make an infographic about a subject of your choice. You could usePublisher, Powerpoint, Word or ActivInspire to do this.


In Science, we are learning about the phases of the moon. Whileyou are at home see if you can investigate these further. You could:

·        Try to go outsidewhen it is dark and look at the moon. What do you notice? You could take aphoto each night to see if you can see the different phase

·        Draw and label adiagram showing the different phases

·        Make a fact fileabout the moon, explaining why we see the different phases

·        Look at patternsbetween moon phases and tidal patterns


Do something active every day if you can. This could be playingoutside, going for a walk, doing some yoga or whatever you enjoy.

Starting on Monday, Joe Wicks isgoing to be doing a live daily workout for kids on his YouTube channel(TheBodyCoachTV) called ‘PE with Joe’.



·        Make a poster on how to keep yourmind and body healthy

·        Maybe you could offer to help aroundthe house too!

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