Adventure Story Writing

Throughout this half term, we have enjoyed reading lots of different adventure stories and thinking about how the authors build a sense of danger and excitement for the reader. The children collected words and phrases and used images and video clips to inspire them to create their own stories. They then built a scene from their story in a shoebox, before telling and writing their stories.

Here are some exciting extracts from the finished adventure stories:

Nervously, he trudged through the narrow path as fear gripped his heart. Rex could hear nothing but his own heart thump and he took a large gulp. All of a sudden, a dark figure darted past in the shadows which made Rex spin around. There was nothing.

By Jae-Juen

After an hour of thinking, she heard muffled voices. She froze on the spot. Hardly daring to breathe, she peered behind a bush, and that was when she saw it...

By Qinyi

The wind got stronger and stronger. They heard the wild wind in their ears and they flew back, but the tree was creaking and cracking.

By James

He woke up to the sound of flickering flames. Bob quickly glanced around and saw it. The building was on fire. Crackling and crunching, the building wobbled. The building threatened to topple over and crush the trees.

By Ted

Sophie tumbled and fell, fell, fell, further and further away from the castle. It was further down than Sophie knew. All of her happy, fun moments flashed through her mind.

By Sophie

The volcano was erupting with skin burning lava. He froze in fear. What was he going to do? Luckily he had a plan.

By William

A minute later, King Pomly rushed over to the colossal tree as curiosity held on to him. Suddenly he heard the bushes rustle. He felt that something wasn't right. He heard slashing and frightful shrieks.

By Lingzi

At first, he was petrified. He saw something move in the darkness. Jack knew there was something on Neptune. He crept towards it.

By Edward

Just then, he heard a sudden noise.  But what was it? He heard crashing of water and bashing of thunder.  Billy was so scared he jumped out of his skin.  His heart leapt.

By Gracie

When he looked back, he saw a menacing, huge ship and a dark, fierce figure with a hood over its head.

By Leo

His heart was pounding so much you could nearly see it jump out of his furry skin.  He thought his owner was burnt to a crisp.

By Sophie

She heard a sad scream that sounded as if something or someone needed help. She believed something was missing. Something that mattered to her. She couldn't forget the scream.

By Emily

A hooded figure holding meat in one hand and a revolver in the other appeared. Roar froze. He crept slowly towards his bed. He thought if the figure caught him, he would be killed! Roar took a deep breath and darted at the enclosure.

By Katie

All of a sudden there was a flash of light. When it was over, it seemed darker.

“Where did the sunny sky go?” said Ron. 

There was a bitter chill. What was going on?

By Emma

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