Stone Age Day

This week, we were visited by Dr Ian Parker Heath, an archaeologist from 'Enrichment Through Archaeology', for a Stone Age workshop day (

In the morning, we worked with the archaeologist to dig for artefacts in sand, then we classified them and made a museum display.

We tried to piece together old pieces of broken pots - this was quite a challenge! We also told some stories using different artefacts and thought about stratigraphy (where artefacts have been found underground in different layers - the deeper they were found, the older they are).

In the afternoon, we found out about different ways that pots might have been made and had a go at making our own pots out of clay. We used our fingernails to make patterns just like the real ones that have been found.

Finally, we tried weaving, making rope out of straw, making bracelets and grinding wheat to make flour.

We learnt a lot about the Stone Age and the day was a lot of fun!


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