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The Y3 teachers are Mrs Dutton & Mrs de Brouwer (3D/dB), Miss Hayden (3RH), Mrs Holden (3SH) and Miss Wall (3AW). We have several Teaching Assistants who work with Y3 children at different times through the week: Miss Mahon, Mr Bartholomew, Mrs Dawes and Miss Kania.

We will use this blog to keep you up-to-date with all the exciting things that we do in Year 3, share some of the things that the children learn and show you some of their fantastic work. We hope you enjoy reading it!

The Y3 team.

Homework - Maths

Published: Oct 08, 2020

For homework this week, we have sent home a board game to play. It involves adding and subtracting 10 or 100 from a three-digit number which is an essential part of developing the children's number sense.As well as playing the game, you could practise counting forwards and backwards in tens or hundreds…

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Homework - Imperative Verbs

Published: Oct 01, 2020

The homework for this week is about imperative verbs. We have been writing instructions in class and have learnt that imperative verbs are when the verb is used at the start of the sentence to make it a command.There are some tasks on the sheet sent home today to complete and return to school by 9th…

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Homework - Land Use

Published: Sep 24, 2020

Your homework task this week is to compare the land use in two different pictures.

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Art, reading and skeletons

Published: Sep 21, 2020

As promised, here are some pictures of the wonderful self portraits the children have been creating using oil pastels. Can you recognise anyone? Over the summer, we bought lots of new reading books for our Y3 book corners and the classrooms had some new bookshelves/boxes too. We want to encourage a love…

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Homework - Skeletons

Published: Sep 17, 2020

In our Science lessons, the children are learning about the skeletons of different animals. They have looked at the human skeleton and thought about why we have bones.For their homework this week, we would like them to label some of the bones in the human skeleton with their scientific names. They will…

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Spellings for Autumn 1

Published: Sep 14, 2020

From this week, the children will be bringing home a spelling list to learn every Monday. An accompanying letter has been sent home to explain which words we would like them to learn each week.The spelling lists for the whole of this half term are below:

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Welcome to the new Year 3

Published: Sep 13, 2020

It has been a busy first couple of weeks in Year 3. The children have settled in really well and we are very pleased with how quickly they have learned the routines and how well they are engaging with their learning. They have also enjoyed catching up with their friends.Alongside plenty of 'getting to…

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More learning and news

Published: Jul 06, 2020

Thank you for continuing to email us with some of the things you are doing at home. We always enjoy looking at the things you send and reading what the children have written. Here are some more things that have been shared with us recently. This family entertained us with an amazing video of them performing…

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All about the Ancient Greeks

Published: Jul 04, 2020

We have had lots of messages telling us that the children are enjoying finding out all about the Ancient Greeks.Many children have told us how much they enjoyed reading and listening to the Greek myths and how they have been inspired to find out more and to write their own.Here is Zaina's storyboard…

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More Home and School Learning

Published: Jun 22, 2020

Here is the Year 3 learning news from the last week. Lots of children have told us they have been enjoying reading and listening to the Greek myths. We have received a few more storyboards and stories of Theseus and the Minotaur.Isla: Heidi: Jacob: Zaina: Art: The children have been practising using…

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