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The Y4 team consists of the following teachers: Mrs Purdom in Y4JP, Mrs Smith and Mrs Smith (yes, that's right) in Y4SS, Mrs Wymer in Y4CW and Mrs Drury in Y4JD. The children are also supported by our teaching assistants: Mrs Proctor, Mrs Cooper, Mrs Mulqueen, Mrs Allen, Mrs Hill and Mr Gartrell. We have help from Ms Reasbeck, Miss Lee and Mrs Grimsley too. What a team!
We know that the question children are mostly asked when they arrive home is 'What did you do today?' The response is often 'nothing'! Well, here is where you can find out what 'nothing' looks like. In our weekly blogs your children will share with you what they have been getting up to and show some of the wonderful work they have been doing. Check in each weekend for our latest news.

Friday 12th February

Published: Feb 12, 2021

Friday 5th February

Published: Feb 06, 2021

Hello everyone and well done on yet more great learning, at home and at school. Despite the snow, it has been quite a tropical week in Year 4!

As well as working hard on area and perimeter and having a go at figurative language, our highlights this week have been your amazing information…

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Friday 29th January

Published: Jan 29, 2021

Hello everyone and well done on another week of learning at home and at school. We continue to be so very proud of you. 

Highlights this week include learning how to do division with remainders and your amazing geography work showing the different layers of the rainforest. Fabulous.


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Friday 22 January 2021

Published: Jan 29, 2021

Have we really only been doing Zoom learning for 7 days? You are all brilliant at it!

Mrs Smith, Mrs Drury and Mrs Proctor are really pleased with the way you are all engaging with your work. You are so keen to show and talk about what you have been doing too, which is fabulous. Highlights…

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Friday 15 January 2021

Published: Jan 29, 2021

What a busy week with lots of new learning for children and grown ups.

Our home Zoom lessons started on Thursday and we can now see how it is all going to work. Mrs Smith, Mrs Drury and Mrs Proctor have really enjoyed doing these calls with you and you have done a brilliant job of listening…

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Friday 8th January

Published: Jan 08, 2021

Happy New Year!Well, it's not really been the start to the year that we hoped for but we are proud of the way you have all adapted to doing things differently again. It has been really lovely to see you all this week, whether that has been in school or on our Zoom catch ups. We are looking forward to…

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Friday 18th December

Published: Dec 17, 2020

We wish you a merry Christmas!We have had the most brilliant term. We hope you have enjoyed reading about our learning and fun times on this blog. Thank you to all of our families for supporting us in this first, rather unusual, term in year 4. You also have been amazing - hearing us read; helping us…

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Friday 11th December

Published: Dec 10, 2020

The Christmas holidays are getting closer but we are still working hard in Year 4. We have been busy writing our volcano reports, working on our multiplication and division skills, writing up science experiments and learning all about Roman mosaics and chariots. We even managed to fit in a Zoom panto…

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Friday 4th December

Published: Dec 04, 2020

What a creative, scientific, outdoorsy week we have had! Take a look and find out what we've been up to.4CWIn 4CW we have had fun making our mosaic tiles based on our ideas from studying the work of two artists: Gaudi and Peter Logan. We have been looking at their mosaic work and this gave us inspiration…

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Friday 27th November

Published: Nov 27, 2020

We had two exciting extra things happening in Year 4 this week. First of all, it was our turn to take part in the Sheffield schools Skipathon. By the end of the week, our skipping skills had really improved. Some of the moves were very tricky, like the figure of 8. Kate from Y4SS learnt how to do ‘the…

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