Friday 19th March

This week sees a week of creativity and celebrations in Year 4.

National Shakespeare Week

We have had lots of fun finding out all about William Shakespeare. We have made quizzes, looked at books and films about his life, listened to extracts from his plays and even flung a few insults at each other!

We have been thinking about a quotation from Hamlet: ….“to thine own self be true….“

We thought about what it might mean and how we can interpret this for ourselves. The National Shakespeare website are running a competition which asks for responses to the quote. We worked hard on our entries — Mrs Purdom was super impressed with our efforts. We had posters, paintings, booklets, poems, clay models, a dream catcher, a wooden spoon puppet, Hollie wrote a song, Sam made a film and Piper made 3 peg dolls to show three different sides to her personality. What a fantastic set of ideas!

If you want to know more about Shakespeare week, take a look at the website. There are lots of great activities and fun things to learn:

We are looking forward to working on the story of  “A Midsummer Night“s Dream“ next week.

Surprised! by Henri Rousseau 1891

In 4JP, we have also been looking at a famous painting of a tiger in a jungle by Henri Rousseau called „Surprised!“

We learnt that Rousseau had never actually been to a jungle before, even though he painted lots of beautiful, detailed plants and trees. He just visited the botanical gardens where he lived and looked closely at the plants in his house. 

We were inspired to make our own collages of a tiger in a jungle. We used lots of different papers, including paper we had made ourselves. 

We are really proud of our pictures which are hung up in our classroom.

And finally….

we would like to say a huge thank you to everyone who donated towards Comic Relief today. We will let you know how much we raised as a school when all the money has been counted. 

Your teachers are going to try and remember all the jokes they have been told today!

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