Friday 26th April

What an exciting start to the summer term in Year 4! Take a look at what we've been up to this week.....


We were all so pleased to visit Greno Woods this week after a very long time of not being able to go on any trips out of school  We were met by Sarah, who led us through a pond dipping session and then a minibeast hunt.  It seemed like there wasn't all that much life there to start with, but once we looked more closely, it was amazing how much life we found.  Here are a few photos of our afternoon.


On Wednesday we really enjoyed our trip to Grenowoods (although it was a bit chilly!) We hunted for small creatures and even found a newt when we were pond dipping! We went hunting for small creatures.

Our trip linked in with the work we have just done on habitats and will help us when we do our Science lesson next week on food chains.

In Maths this week we have been continuing our work on decimals. We completed the week today with a maths game using decimal cards. It was a bit like top trumps.  It was fun and we didn't really feel like we were learning, but actually we were comparing and ordering decimal numbers!


This week Y4SS have enjoyed a gymnastics session with Mr Wright. The children worked on different balances with a partner. Can you spot some mirror balances and some counterbalances? Great work children; you came up with some really original balances!


Of course, 4JP enjoyed their trip to Greno Woods too! We enjoyed finding woodland creatures and got very excited when our pond dipping produced a newt (we named it Nancy) Our favourite fact was that dragonfly nymphs blow air through their bottoms to help them to swim faster!

We created these beautiful mindmaps when we got back to school to show how much we had learnt on our afternoon in the woods.

We are looking forward to starting our work on contrasting localities this term. We are going to be looking at Sheffield and Scarborough. First of all, we have researched our local history and then we are going to look at Scarborough's past too. We worked really hard over Easter on these projects and shared them today. Mrs Purdom was astonished at the range of subjects we had covered! We learnt a lot from each other and our homework is now proudly on display in our classroom.

Holly, Liam and Aidan were all interested in the Sheffield Blitz. Aidan interviewed Ken, 92 years old, who can actually remember it happening. Liam made a poster showing his neighbour's house when it got bombed and Holly had a photograph of the Buffer Girl's statue in town.

Rhys and Millie both found out about water power and how important it was to the steel industry. Millie did some brilliant research about Rivelin Valley and Rhys made a model of Spooner's Wheel which was one of the earliest to be built in the valley. The wheel actually turns!

Sam and Charlie both researched the steel industry too. Sam made this informative leaflet and Charlie made a model of a steel works, complete with chimney and crucible.

The keen footballers in the class were eager to find out more about Sheffield FC, the world's first football club. Meg and Poppy made posters to show what they had found out and Ciara made a stadium - her facts are written on the corner flags. Iona's poster is all about a footballer called William Foulke. He was a goalkeeper for Sheffield United and also happens to be her great, great, great grandad!

Rosie and Lulah were both interested in old Sheffield history too. Lulah researched Sheffield Castle and could tell us exactly where it was and Rosie made a super little booklet all about Sheffield's pre-history.

Jess brought in a book with old and new pictures of Crosspool. She found out all about the street where she lives and its surrounding area. Eva talked to her dad and found out all about the band Pulp. Mira did a poster about different aspects of Sheffield history and Sammy learnt about the different parks.

Great learning 4JP! Well done.

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