May 7th Friday 2021

Year 4 are enjoying their new topics this term - we love learning new stuff!

This week, we have been developing our understanding of decimals as we worked in £ and p, we have started our new whole school art (more of that next week), we have written diary entries as though we were Hogarth from The Iron Man, we have tried to beat our running times in PE, we have been swimming, we have practised yoga and we have played xylophones. We are also honing our map skills, using compass points and 4-figure grid references. Our homework this week will give us a bit more practice.


We have really enjoyed our Science this week and have been learning about how our digestive systems operate. Our bodies really are very clever! When we went to the woods on Wednesday we started off by thinking about how our digestive biscuits were moved around in our mouths by our tongues, crushed with our teeth and mixed with saliva before we swallowed. We discussed our oesophagus and thought about how much of that journey we could feel.

Back in class we thought about this as a tennis ball in a footless tight to show the process of peristalsis! We felt like doctors with some of these words! We learned about all the different stages of the human digestive journey and drew some beautiful diagrams with notes. We learnt some amazing facts.

We loved seeing the inside version of the digestive journey, which was recorded on a tiny camera. One child showed us the length and organisation of a human small intestine (around 6 metres!). 


This pupil helped us to get all our labels in the right places. She was brilliant. Some of us used keys to make our work even clearer.


We have been brilliant scientists too this week but we were looking at the 7 life processes. All living things have these processes - MRS GREN helps us to remember what they are. We learnt that respiration isn't breathing and we loved learning all about excretion. That was our favourite bit! When we had done our research, we worked in pairs to produce these brilliant information posters.

We also learnt that all life on earth is dependent on plants and that they take their energy from the sun. We started to think about food chains and discussed the meaning of words such as producer, consumer, predator, prey, herbivore, carnivore and onminvore. We looked at foodchains in different habitats like the rainforest, the woodland and beneath the ocean. Then we got into groups and made hanging mobiles to show what we had learnt - there was a lot of debate!

Here are our food chains. Can you spot the producer, the primary and secondary consumers, the prey and the top predator?


In 4CW we have been busy designing stamps for the Royal Mail competition.  The idea is that we design a stamp that depicts a hero over the pandemic.  We have looked at several different heroes who have done amazing things over the past year.  We hope you can work out who they are.  This has linked really well to our whole school writing where we had to write about why we thought someone was worthy of winning the 'Simply The Best' award.

What fantastic designs!

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