Friday 21st May 2021

A varied week in Year 4 - we've had lots going on!


The children have been enjoying the science topic all about the digestive system this half term. They have made huge digestive system models using junk to represent the different parts involved. We think this has helped them remember the vocabulary needed to describe and explain how food is digested. Here are some fabulous photos of all of the models!


This week we have absorbed so many blue whale facts through our literacy research. We are gearing up to write our non-chronological reports next week. In preparation we have been taking notes and have even drawn out the real size of an adult blue whale. Can you believe it is a colossal 30 metres long! Here some of us are measuring, drawing and comparing this measurment to other animals. 

Ask us some more facts about blue whales at home and see what we know. How big is a blue whale's tongue? What does a blue whale eat? or even, Where do blue whales live in the summer?

We also created beautiful labelled diagrams of blue whales that will become part of our non-fiction writing. Tune in next week to see our completed reports.


In 4CW, we have been comparing Scarborough with Sheffield.  We have looked at how Scarborough came to be popular with tourists and how people were encouraged to go for a day's holiday.  We made our own posters as if we were the railway company trying to advertise travelling to Scarborough by rail.

We have looked at two photos in more detail to identify the human and physical features on each.  One photo was of the path in Porter Valley and the other was of Scarborough Beach. 

The letters next to our labels stand for human and physical features.



We have also been learning all about the human digestive system. We now know new scientific words like oesophagus (foodpipe), colon (large intestine) and ileum (small intestine). We also know what a gall bladder does and where our appendix is. Here are our beautifully presented diagrams showing what we know.

We really enjoyed making our 3D models of the digestive system from junk we found at home. We had to think very carefully about which items would be good for which organs, for example, a pair of tights made a good colon, a balloon was effective for a stomach and a piece of tubing was an excellent oesophagus!

We finished reading 'The Iron Man' this week too. It was a book we all really enjoyed and we have produced some fabulous writing based on the events in the story  - more of this to come when we publish this work. Watch this space! One of the things we did this week was blackout poetry. We took a page  from the book and scanned the page for words which stood out to us. Then we wrote them all down in order to see if they linked (they did!) and we took out any words that we didn't need. After that we boxed up these words and blacked out the rest of the page with a picture that reresented the story. It's really clever and we think we did a brilliant job. What do you think?

And finally a reminder from your teachers.....

The whole year group are having a big focus on x tables at the moment. It really helps if you know multiplication facts and can recall them quickly. We are all having extra ICT lessons to help us to practise but we need you to so some at home too so please log in to TTRockstars and go to soundcheck. This is very similar to what we are doing in school. You could also try this if you want to mix it up a bit:

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