Friday 18th June

Welcome to another busy blog from Year 4. We have been learning all about angles, electricity, Scarborough castle and mythical sea creatures. This week also saw the start of 'Beat the Street' which we are all very excited about!


We enjoyed making angle eaters out of circles. We had to cut a quarter out and the bit that was missing formed a right angle. We had fun finding right angles around the classroom with our creatures!

We were so good at this, we moved onto learning about different angles. We know all about acute and obtuse angles and have become experts at recognising and ordering them.

We worked hard on improving our geography skills this week too. We looked at cencus figures and compared population data from Sheffield and Scarborough. We got quite tranfixed by live population counters!

We also went on to Tapton field to REALLY look at what was in the area around us. We drew what we could see and remembered to add street furniture and footpaths to our drawings. At the end, Mrs Purdom let us roll down the hill!

When we got back to class, we pinpointed exactly where we had been on a street map, using a grid reference. We then made a chart to show our evidence.

Then we made our own maps of the area we had studied. We think we are impressive cartographers, do you?


We've had a fantastic time learning about angles which the children have been really good at. We have identified, compared and ordered acute angles, obtuse angles and right angles. The children enjoyed an activity moving around the classroom to look at the angles in various shapes stuck on the wall. Here's a selection of some of our angles work.


In Y4CW we have been very much enjoying Beat The Street.  On Wednesday, we went on a local walk with our fobs and each time we scanned them against the beat boxes, we earned 10 points for our team.

The idea behind Beat The Street is that we are encouraged to move more and have fun in the process.  Anyone can play the game, walking, running, biking, scooting etc but if you are an adult, you must register your card to a team - Lydgate Juniors obviously.  We found a very local walk that was just over a mile long and took in four beat boxes.  Next week, we intend to do the same route but in reverse.


In 4JD we have completed fabulous electricity safety posters this week as homework, that we have now added to our science display.

On the same theme we started our circuit work. Before we recorded our circuit diagrams and did some prediction work in our books, we drew down the blinds, turned off the lights and read our books by (mini) lamp light. Mrs Drury remarked that it was the quietest that we have been all week!

We also got active in our PE with some tennis skills with Mr Wright.  Here are our action shots!


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