Friday 1st October

Global Goals Day in Year 4.

On Wednesday, we all took part in the world's largest lesson where we learnt about climate change and discussed what actions we could take to look after our planet. 

As part of our work, we all made promises about a little action we could take ourselves. If we all keep our promises, we can make a difference. We wrote our promises on cut outs of our hands to make a big display in the hall. 

Read on to find out what we learnt and to see our finished display. It's brilliant!


Hi my name is Quinn and a couple of weeks ago I watched a program called 'Seaspiracy' which really made me think about life in our oceans. I recommend it because it challenged my thoughts on eating fish. I recommended it to my teacher and she watched it too. We decided together to make our climate action day all about the huge problems facing our oceans. 

Yesterday we learnt about the sea and fishermen overfishing. The problem was that when the fishermen were fishing they would sometimes catch too many fish and there wouldn't be enough fish for the other animals in the ocean. By Joury and Lingzi

We loved climate action day about the ocean. We watched a programme about how litter can get into the sea so don't litter. Big fish and mammals like whales and dolphins can get caught in nets too. By Lola and Logan

We learnt about labels on food and sustainable fishing labels. Quinn told us more about that!  We think you should always remember to look at the label before you put rubbish in the bin and recycle if you can. If you over fish there will be no fish left for the next animal in the food-chain. Also, we should try using alternative materials instead of plastic so that it doesn't end up in the sea and get eaten by things that live there. By Jae-Juen and Edward

Here are a selection of our promises. Maybe you could make one too?


I 4CW we learnt all about air pollution and thought about the ways we could help the environment, like using public transport and walking to school.


Here are the promises we made in 4JD.

We had a go at making seed cakes. We are going to take them home and hang them outside to feed the birds. 


We had a brilliant morning finding out ways to help look after our planet. We learnt about recycling and why it is so important and then found out what impact our rubbish can have on our planet. We learnt all about the journey that our rubbish takes, and what happens to it, after our recycling bins are collected. Every child pledged to do just one thing to help bring a positive change to our planet. In our ICT lesson we conducted further research and finally made these wonderful mind-map posters to share what we know about recycling. You can see that we’ve learnt a lot!

Taa....Daaah.... Our finished display of pledges!

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