Friday 8th October

We have a lovely blog for you this week, showcasing a real variety of learning. Take a look to see what we've been up to.

This week we are sharing our literacy that we created last week. We were looking at image poetry. We were inspired by this poem (by Moira Andrew) to create some of our own creative dragons to put with our comprehension questions.

This week in the woods we were identifying different tree types by examining the leaves. So when we are out and about at the weekend or after school we might be able to tell you about tree types. We also looked for hidden faces in tree trunks and in nature. It was great because it made us look very closely at things and notice samll things that might usually be missed.

Back in the classroom Mrs Drury talked to us about creating our own pic collages with our photographs, for the blog. Here are a few that we created!

Y4SS had a fantastic time in the forest too this week. The weather was perfect for us… dry and not too muddy! We set out with clipboards and a tree identification sheet and studied the leaves on the trees to identify different species. We found oak, holly, beech, sycamore and plenty of birch trees! We made great nature detectives as we found a troop of mushrooms covering the forest floor too! After all that work we had free time to play. We had lots of fun as you can see. 

This week, we would like to share some PE with you! We have been working really hard with Mr Wright on our gymnastics skills. First of all, we thought about different types of balance. We tried mirror balances, counter balances and levelled balances.
Mr Wright showed us how to safely balance on each others' backs. It was a bit wobbly at first but we soon got the hang of it.
Next, we worked on rotations. We tried pencil rolls, egg rolls, side rolls and teddy bear rolls (these were our favourites!)
Then we moved on to more complicated rotations. Mr Wright helped us to do perfect forward and backward rolls. Some of us tried them in straddle and pike positons. We had some brilliant cartwheels too!
In today's lesson, we put our balances and rotations together into a performance. We had to remember to have a good starting and end position and to tense our muscles. We took it in turns to show our performances and gave feedback to everyone at the end. 
We are very proud of ourselves!
In 4CW we have been looking at more complicated addition.  We have been practising how to add numbers using the short column method.  This sometimes involves exchanging units for for a ten and tens for a hundred.  We are now pretty confident when adding 4 digit numbers.
We have also been revisiting the Zones of Regulation.  We have thought about the different emotions we experience at different times and identified some of the things that may trigger us.  Finally, we have shared with each other how we use different strategies to help us regulate our different emotions.  We have created posters that illustrate how it's done.
Wow, what great learning!

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