Friday 15th October

Welcome to another busy week in the life of Year 4.

We have been working hard on accurate calculations and Horrid Henry character descriptions. We have been learning about the Roman empire and what life was like in the Roman army. We have carefully written up our soundproofing experiments and we have finally played a full game of dodgeball. We've even found time to have fun in the woods!


Look at this fabulous column addition! We have worked really hard to be accurate. There's lots to remember, but we kept practising and got better and better. We have tried our best to record our calcuations neatly too.

As part of our work around Horrid Henry stories we have invented our own characters. We made their names alliterative and thought about adjectives and phrases to describe their character. We also thought about what they would wear and how they would act and feel. 

Meet Odd Olivia, Handsome Harry, Dangerous Dexter and Mischievious Megan!

And here are Menacing Matthew, Sneaky Sam, Noisy Noah and Troublesome Terence.

And finally, Creepy Caitlin, Jiggling Jae Juen, Anxious Alex and Fiery Finlay.

Can you guess what these characters are like? We are looking forward to weaving them into our very own Horrid Henry stories next week. Ask us what adventures and mischief they get up to!

It was our turn in the woods this week too. We had a lovely time making woodland perfume (with names like Essence of Bramble, Earthy Dew and Forest Scent) and nature pendants decorated with toadstools, ladybirds, hedgehogs, toadstools, foxes, birds, trees and leaves. We were still wearing them today!


In 4CW this week we have been busy in the woods making leaf crowns.  These were made by using only the leaves themselves and no other materials.  We needed big leaves with strong stems in order to be able to thread them together. It was a bit of a challenge but we got there in the end.

We have also been looking at what 'unity' means in our study of churches as a place of worship.  We have created our own images of unity within our groups and had fun thinking about examples of our experiences of unity here at school.


This week, in Y4SS, we have learnt all about the Roman army and why they were so successful. After watching some interesting videos and reading some great facts, we annotated a Roman soldier with information about their armour, clothing and weapons. Some of us choose to draw the soldier too!


We have thoroughly enjoyed listening to more chapters of our book study book, Tiger, Tiger. This week, we heard all about the impressive yet cruel circus performances in the arena. We also noticed many Roman words that are very like words that we use today, such as 'apaudit', meaning applause.


In 4JD we have also enjoyed our work on Roman soldiers. This follows our work on the rise of the Roman empire last week, when we did some marvellous map work. You can see here that we learnt alot about why the Roman army was so successful. We also found out what it might have been like to be a auxillary soldier or centurion. 

We drew our own auxillaries and labelled them using the key vocabulary we had learnt. Then we wrote some useful facts about the ancient Roman army.

What fabulous cross curricular work we produced!

And finally, we have to share this photo from Mr Wright's PE lesson with 4JP this week. What a brilliant straddle jump from this gymnast - she looks like she is flying!

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