Friday 22nd October

What a wonderful end to the half term we have had this week in Year 4. Take a look at our learning inside and outside the classroom!

On Wednesday, we all went on a short trip to Tapton Congregational Church. This was a great way for us to summarise our work in RE lessons, on the features of a church. It was great to be able to visit our local church and learn from Reverend Knockles.

We went on a treasure hunt identifying the features that we had learnt about in class, and their functions. Some of us even got to play the church organ! Then we learnt about John Bunyan, linked to the plight of people around the world, who have been imprisoned due to their faith or beliefs. We learnt that, his book, 'The Pilgrim's Progress,' is an allogory for life. We went on to create our own 'Games of Life,' and enjoyed playing them back in class. Here is a selection of pictures from all the Year 4 classes from our trip and the follow up activities.



We have enjoyed our final lesson in science on sound. We ordered sounds in order of volume, while learning about decibels. Then we carried out a test that showed us how our ears could hear the higher frequencies much more effectively than Mrs Drury's ears, because of her age! Then we completed a task that summarised our sound work.


We’ve had a great week in 4SS this week. We spent some time in the woods making perfume and potions. We collected all sorts of things from around the woods, such as leaves, berries, bark, feathers and soil. We put our ingredients into a cup, then added a little drop of water before mixing and mashing it all together. We came up with some fantastic names for our perfumes and potions too. Some of them even smelt good! We finished off with biscuits for a woodland snack.


In 4CW we have had many of us off this week. Thankfully there were enough of us to participate in the intra dodgeball competition and we were able to put forward two teams.  Each class in Year 4 made teams of ten children and gave each team the name of a country.  We played each other and had 6 games in total.  It was very exciting and something that we hope to repeat at the end of each half-term.  Here is a picture of us just about to start.

Congratulations to France - the winners!


We enjoyed being historical investigators this week as we found out about The Ivory Bangle Lady. She was a real woman who lived during Roman times and her grave was discovered in York in 1901. She was buried with a lot of expensive grave goods, including jewellery. We looked at photographs of these items and thought about what they were made from and what they could tell us about her life.

The jewellery suggested she was a wealthy woman. We also thought she was concerned with her appearance because there was a mirror in her grave. There was also a bone plaque with an inscription that made us think she was a christian. Archaelogists and scientists studied the shape of her skull and looked closely at her teeth. This told them that one of her parents may have come from North Africa.

They named her Julia Tertia but she is also known as The Ivory Bangle Lady because she was buried with an ivory bangle. Ivory was only worn by people of high status. We drew pictures to show what we thought her life would have been like. We imagined fine robes and jewelllery and beautiful gardens with fountains and fancy mosaics.

And finally.....

A big thank you to all of the chldren in Year 4 for working hard and making this first half term lots of fun. We are looking forward to seeing your wonderful Roman research homework and listening to your rousing school council speeches next half term.

Happy holidays!




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