Friday 5th November 2021


We’ve had a great first week back in Y4SS. We have been really busy doing all sorts of things but our favourite has been our Scoot Fit session! On Wednesday afternoon, we ventured out onto the playground and got geared up with a helmet and knee pads and then were each given a scooter. Some of us knew what to do but for some of us it was our first time on a scooter. We learnt how to ride with our knees bent and then, once we’d mastered that, the fun really began! Our first task was to ride up a ramp that dropped down on the other side as we rode over it, a bit like a seesaw. We practised going over it lots of times and riding round in a large circle. Next, a huge speaker was wheeled onto the playground and we had our very own scooter disco! If you felt like dancing, you could enter the centre of the circle to jump off your scooter and throw some shapes on the dancefloor – you’ll see from the photos that some of the boys had some great moves! We all loved it and had such a great time.


We were so busy over the half term holiday that Mrs Drury knew she would just HAVE to share our Roman homework this week. We definitely enjoyed making a variety of Roman weapons, along with a variety of interesting posters, artistic mosiacs, crafty projects and a range of amazing factual work. What an interesting and beautiful display in the class room we now have!

Along with a fabulous looking display the research that we have done at home has really added to our enthusiasm and learning. We now have a selection of resident experts in so many areas of Roman life. We know who to ask if we have a question about Roman gods and godesses and who knows alot about Roman food, along with many other areas and aspects of Roman life and history! Well done 4JD...what an amazing achievement!

Also we enjoyed our first lesson on 'States of Matter,'  in our new topic for science. We described the features of solids, liquids and gases. Then we used some cards to sort and identify which materials exist in which state.

We discussed some tricky substances like toothpaste and also started to think about some materials that can change between the three states.

This week we have also started some work on endangered animals and in 4JD we are looking at the gharial. What facts can you find out before next Friday?


In 4CW we also had lots of fun at Scoot Fit.  Once we had mastered our balance, we had lots of practice scooting round the yard to loud music.  When we were tired, James (the instructor) let us have a rest in his office.  This was the centre of the playground where we all had a bit of a dance!

We have also had a busy week campaigning for our class representative for the school council.  Several of us made posters which we stuck around the room and then we did a small presentation telling the rest of the class why we were good candidates.  It was then really exciting, this afternoon when we went to the polling station in the hall and cast our vote.  We are excited for the votes to be counted and for our new class rep to be announced next week.

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