Friday 12th November 2021

What a great week! We have started to learn about Pompeii, we've shared some more amazing Roman homework, practised times tables, started our whole school art, created Roman dances, enjoyed orienteering and continued our work on solids, liquids and gases. We are really enjoying our learning at the moment.


After another super busy week in Y4SS, we've finished off with showing our Roman research homeworks. We have some impressive models of temples, villas and chariots as well as Lego models of mosaics, villas and even a Roman ship transporting exotic animals! The posters, leaflets and pieces of writing are really informative and all taught us something new. Harry went to Edinburgh and really enjoyed seeing the Roman artefacts and information there. He then made a super information poster with great pictures. Everyone was really impressed with all the wonderful creative efforts. Well done all!


We have been working really hard on our whole school art this week. The theme this time is 'Endangered Animals'. We chose to focus on the mountain gorilla. We did some research before we started painting. We learnt that they live in groups, called troops, and they are looked after by a dominant male, called a silverback. They eat together and play together, a bit like humans. We also learnt that, although they look quite frightening, they are actually quite gentle and shy. They aren't agressive and rarely attack. We watched an amazing video where a family of gorillas went really close to a man - one of them even started grooming him!

We decided we would make portraits of these gentle giants. First of all, we made notes and tried out some ideas in our new sketch books. We thought about colour, composition and texture.

Next, we started to map out our portraits using pale paint. We then blocked in all the main shapes using powder paint. We remembered what we had learnt in Year 3 about colour mixing. Mrs Purdom was very impressed!

Once the paper was filled with colour, we then added more detail. We had to try and make our gorillas look furry and wrinkly.

And here are our finished pieces. Aren't they brilliant? We can't wait to see them displayed with all the other endangered animals.



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