Friday 17th December

Welcome to our last blog of the Autumn term and what a week it has been.

As well as working hard to finish off our maths and writing units, we have also enjoyed a fabulous Roman workshop, taken part in a Christmas carousel, done wreath making in the woods and made Roman chariots. Phew!


We have completed our information reports on volcanoes. We have really enjoyed researching and discovering new information. We've looked at different non-chronological reports and learnt about the best ways of presenting information. We considered all the features needed when creating our own individual reports. We love the way they turned out and feel very proud of the finished results.


Roman day was extremely eventful and enjoyed by all of the classes.  The day was led by a Roman gladiator who had lots of new information to share with us. He was also very impressed with what we knew already from our work in school. The day consisted of us playing a games followed by some Roman drama workshops and a quiz at the end of the day.  We also had fun finding out about different Roman words and recapped our knowledge of working with Roman  numerals.  


We had lots of fun working around a Christmas carousel on Wednesday. We had three jobs to do: making our own mosaic tiles, painting glass candle holders and stirring up some Christmas salami.

Here we are carefully painting our little jars with glass paint pens. It was a bit fiddly but we think we did really well. We painted festive or winter scenes around them and popped a tealight inside. They will look really pretty when they are lit.

After designing our mosaic tiles in our sketchbooks, it was finally time to make them. We used clay, ceramic tiles, mirror tiles and pretend gems. Mrs Cooper was an expert tile cutter!

We are going to leave them to dry over the holidays and give them a coat of varnish in January. We think they will make lovely New Year gifts.

We really enjoyed doing a bit of festive baking too. First of all, we had to bash up biscuits (fun!) and mix in some raisins. Then we melted butter and dark chocolate together before stirring it all up together in a big bowl. We had to roll the mixture into a big fat sausage shape and cover it in cling film. It's really cold in Mrs Purdom's stock cupboard so we left them in there overnight to chill. A quick dusting of icing sugar (snow) came next and then we cut it into slices. They were packaged up to take home as gifts for Christmas or as a gift to ourselves!

Here we are in action. Can you spot the happy washer-uppers?

And finally......

The Year 4 team would like to wish you all a peaceful holiday and a happy and healthy new year.

See you in 2022!


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