Friday 7th January 2022

Happy new year everyone and welcome to our first blog of 2022! 


Finally, our volcano reports are finished, edited and published as circle books.  They are brilliant as they are filled with interesting information, great facts and detailed, colourful annotated diagrams. The children worked really hard on them in the week before the Christmas holidays and are all very proud of them. We have hung them up along a washing line for all to admire.


In 4CW, we have been learning about the amazing life of Harriet Tubman.  She was born into slavery in the 1800s and took a huge risk and escaped from her southern plantation to find freedom.  It took her weeks to arrive in a free state but she then went back to help over seventy people escape slavery.  See some of our water colour paintings below.

We have also been recapping our additon and subtraction through some investigation work.  No matter how hard we tried, we could not arrive at an answer any different from the wonderful 1089.


What a busy first few days we have had back at school in 4JD! This week we are sharing with you our stained glass windows. In our Religion lessons this term our topic title is 'Symbols and Worship'. This week we have been learning about the meanings behind different symbols connected to Christianity.

We created a stained glass window using black card, tracing paper and coloured tissue paper. At the centre of our windows we added a Christian symbol that we had learnt about. We enjoyed being creative during this activity and like the way the sun shines through our work on our classroom windows.


Today, we have enjoyed reading a lovely picture book called 'Under my Hijab' by Hena Khan. We talked about why Muslim women might choose to cover their hair and what this means. Some girls in our class are looking forward to wearing a hijab when they get older. The main character introduces us to all the amazing women in her family and we see how they all wear their hijabs differently. She thinks about how she might wear hers in the future and what it will say about her personality. We thought about the relationships between the women in the family and how they were all inspirational in their own way. 

Take a look at our beautiful illustrations from the story.


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