Friday 14th January

Wow. We are having a fabulous start to the Spring term. Not only have our Year 4s grown in height, we think they have grown in confidence too! Everyone has returned to school with a 'can do' attitude. The children are focused, working hard and trying their best. We are really proud of them all.


Our class are very enthusiastic about dance! We are enjoying working on a rainforest theme at the moment. We are going to put all of our ideas together to make a dance sequence, set to rainforest-inspired music. Can you spot us moving like creatures, rooted like trees and working together in harmony?


We've been super geographers this week and enjoyed locating significant physical and human features of South America. Here are our maps showing the Amazon rainforest along with some great Amazon Rainforest facts! We are going to enjoy this topic!


The library van came to school this week and delivered some lovely books that are going to help us with our work in Science, Literacy, Religion and Topic. This week we took a close look at our new Rainforest habitat information books to prepare us for this term's topic of 'The Amazon.'

We focussed on one book and investigated with a partner the facts, pictures, layout of the book and features like the glossary.  We are experts on what non-fiction books should include after last half terms work on volcanoes!

We then fillled in our review sheets with interesting facts, a copy of our favourite diagrams and considered the new vocabulary that we had learned.

We completed this work by giving our book a rating, sharing our views and our opinion on the ideal reader age.

We were really proud of the finished results and hope that our reviews will inform other children as they select a good information book in 4JD to read and learn about the rainforest.


In 4CW this week, we have been enjoying ourselves outside as well as inside.  In the woods, we made pictures out of anything natural that we could find beneath our feet. This was based on the work of Andy Goldsworthy's structures.  We made a frame from twigs and then set about collecting what we could find.  See some of our pictures below.

In our outdoor P.E. lessons, we are learning how to play hockey.  This week, we have learnt how to hold our sticks safely and have mastered the art of the push pass.  We played small-sided games practising the skills we had learnt.

Year 4 art club

It began this week! We had a lovely first session, getting to know each other and discussing what we like to draw and paint. Then we made some funny portraits of each other. We had to try and draw our friend without looking at the paper. It was really tricky and the final drawings made us laugh because they didn't look anythng like us.

Our task then was to turn the drawing into an abstract piece of art. We think we did a great job. Here is our finished work. Do you recognise anyone?

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