Friday 28th January 2022

Today, each Year 4 class had a visit from Anya who works for Zoolab.  She came with five friends that were introduced to us throughout the morning.  

The first was 'Shelly' the tortoise who was twenty years old - the same age as Anya!  Anya told us that Shelly could actually live to be eighty years old.  We were able to handle Shelly as she has a hard protective shell, but we couldn't make any loud noises as there was a chance she may need the toilet if we frightened her. 

We were also introduced to 'Gloria' the tarantula.Taranutulas are typically found in the understorey of the rainforest and unsurprisingly none of us wanted to handle her. 'Ringo' the cockroach was from Madagascar and around before even the dinosaurs! 

We were able to handle 'Prince' the python under very close supervision.  Prince would typically live in the emergent layer of the rainforest and we noticed he stuck his tongue out many times.  He did this as he was sensing the vibrations around him.  Our final friend was 'Cedric' the tree frog, found in the canopy layer.  He has the amazing ability to use his eyeballs to help him swallow!  

Anya and her friends have certainly left us with a lot to talk about!

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