Friday 11th February

Happy half term everyone. We hope you all have a lovely week and we look forward to seeing you after the holiday for lots more learning and fun.

Take a peek at what we have been up to this week - it's been a good one!


We have enjoyed reading a brilliant book called 'Wilma Unlimited' by Kathleen Krull. It tells the story of a remarkable girl called Wilma Rudolph. She was paralysed as a child and was told she would never walk again BUT through sheer determination and resilience, she went on to win three gold medals in the 1960 olympics - incredible!

Watch Wilma run here:

We made pictures of Wilma winning her medals.

We made timelines showing the main events from her life. These will help us to write our biographies next week as they need to be written in chronological order. The timelines were so long, some of us had to work on the floor!

This clever girl has been really busy at home over the weekend. She was inspired to make this lovely book about Wilma's life. It's superbly written and illustrated and we are really proud. Absolutely brilliant!

In other 4JP news, it was our first time to go swimming this week. We were all a little bit nervous but we loved it and we are already looking forward to our next lesson.


In 4CW we have been busy learning about the life of Wilma Rudolph too.  We used our timelines to create our own biographies of Wilma.  We had lots of features to consider in our writing and really enjoyed the morning retelling the story of her eventful life.

We have also spent the week thinking about internet safety and brushing up on tips and tricks that can keep us safe. We have produced some posters that we can refer to as a reminder throughout the year.  


Just like 4JP we have really enjoyed our Literacy and finding out about the life of Wilma Rudolph. We have been amazed and inspired by her success despite many barriers. We created our chronological timelines this week in preparation for writing our Wilma Rudolph biographies.

Art Club

As promised, here are our clay dragon eyes. Aren't they beautiful? The next step is to paint them. Watch this space!

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