Friday 25th February

Hello everyone and welcome back. It's lovely to see all the children again, enthusiastic as ever and enjoying their learning. Here's what we have been up to this week.


In 4CW we have been thinking about different habitats around the world and then micro habitats within our own school environment.  We searched the school site for different micro habitatas and thought about why they might be suitable for the creatures or plants that grow there. We found birds' nests in trees, worms under damp wood and spiders' webs attached to drain pipes.  Take a look at some of the micro habitats we found.


Today we have enjoyed finding out about the many, many species which live in the Amazon rainforest. The children worked brilliantly together making these wonderful, informative posters about the creatures found within each layer of the rainforest! Not bad for an afternoon's work!


We would like to show off our homework this week! We have all been inspired by each other and made these wonderful terrariums over half term. We have quite the collection in our classroom - all unique. Each terrarium has its own mini-climate. Some of them are partially or fully enclosed so that makes them a bit like a greenhouse. Sunlight can enter through the glass and warms the air, soil and plants inside. The glass holds in some of the warmth, just like the earth's atmosphere does. This is good for the plants that thrive in humid conditions. Can you see condensation on some of our terrariums? 


This week we wanted to share with you our rainforest art display. As well as creating our magnificent managerie, we have also been learning about animal adaptation in science lessons and the layers of the rainforest through our cross curricular work. Ask us and we can tell you all about it!

In RHE we having been thinking about how we can care for one another. This week we came up with our own original ideas for the 4JD random acts of kindess board. We created table group posters and this was compiled to create our class collection of ideas.

We all decided that this should be displayed in our book corner as a reminder and each of us has an individual copy of this too. Over the coming weeks we will be trying to fit in as much kindess as we can to make others feel respected, valued and happy. Hopefully, families might spot this happening at home too!

Art club

As promised, here are our finished dragon eyes. Absolutely stunning!




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