Friday 11th March

Year 4 visit Tropical World

This week, we were very excited about going on our first big trip, to Tropical World in Leeds. We were looking forward to seeing some of the animals we have learnt about this term and we weren't disappointed. We wandered through the forest floor and climbed to the canopy, encountering cockroaches, tortoises, butterflies, frogs, snakes, monkeys and birds. We even saw a crocodile - it was so still, we thought it was a statue!

We also enjoyed a workshop all about habitats around the world and learnt about animal adaptations. We dressed up as a chameleon and a meerkat and found out why they look the way they do. Did you know that chameleons can look forwards and backwards at the same time? We also found out about opposable thumbs and learnt that the koala has six of them!

This was all topped off with a visit to the gift shop where we bought souvenirs to remind us of our day. As you can see, a great time was had by all.








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