Friday 25th March

What busy bees we are in Year 4 at the moment. Rehearsals are well under way for our 'Emerald Crown' performance next week. We are so looking forward to taking you on a journey  through the jungle and sharing our fantastic acting, dancing and singing with you.

It's all happening on Thursday 31st March (our last day at school).

Performance times are:

4JP and 4SS - 9.15am

4CW and 4JD - 1.30pm

There has been lots more going on in our classrooms too. Take a look and see what we have been up to.


This week is National Shakespeare Week. It's an annual celebration of Shakespeare and we have enjoyed lots of activities which have helped us to get to know about him and his work. The theme of the week is based around a quotation from The Tempest.

"...a turn or two I'll walk, to still my beating mind...."

We enjoyed live lessons which have had us dancing, investigating, drawing and thinking about what we do to 'still our beating minds.'

After all this activity, we are really looking forward to our work on 'A Midsummer Night's Dream' after Easter.

Mrs Purdom has also been impressed with our homework this week, once again showing what a creative bunch we are. We read the story of 'One Plastic Bag' by Miranda Paul and thought about how we can make a difference to the world. We know how important recycling is so we have been creating useful things from plastic bags. We were particularly impressed by the recycled cup, which actually held water.

We also had skirts, headbands, flower bouquets, bracelets, hair accessories, flower bouquets, rugs and kites. We could have created our very own fashion show!

We continue to do well in our swimming lessons too and have now reached the stage where we are ready to do our water safety task where we have to swim in clothes.

Don't forget your PE kit next Tuesday!


To escape the heat of our classroom, we went in to the woods on Wednesday this week. As it’s getting close to Easter, we went on an Easter egg hunt but rather than chocolate eggs, we searched for chocolate Tea Cakes wrapped in red and silver foil! We explored the woods high and low until we found all 30 and then we each tucked into our own. Some of us had never had chocolate Tea Cakes before and our eyes lit up when we discovered that they contained huge marshmallows, as well as biscuit and chocolate! We absolutely LOVED them! So much so that they elicited this response from one of our delighted boys whilst taking his first bite, “This is the best day ever!”  We had some free time to play. Some of us joined a woodland tribe and made a forest gym with our very own exercise tree! Some of us made dens and secret bases hidden inside holly bushes. Others explored and collected sticks. We even found a football that we were very grateful to find and play with! All in all, a superb trip to the woods!


In 4CW have been continuing their work on fractions this week.  We have had lots of fun calculating the hours that we spend on different activities during a typical school day.  We recorded this in a table and then transferred this information onto a pie chart that was split into 24 sections.  Finally, we calculated the time we spent doing each activity as a fraction of our total day.  Most of us spend more than 1/3 of our day spleeping!


This week we had a brilliant bug hunt in the school woods. It was beautiful weather and lovely to be out and in amongst the trees. We had some delicious hot chocolate and then set to work exploring for microhabitats. We used an identification key and little tools that meant we could capture any minibeasts that we discovered. We then carefully transfered them into our viewing pots. It was fascinating to see them magnified. We talked about our categorisation headings that we learnt about in science last week (See last week's blog!). Then we gently returned the creatures to where we found them. We all know this is really important as each creature is matched to the conditions of the habitat that it has carefully selected.


And finally......

As promised, here is the grand total raised for comic Relief - a whopping £1351.33!

Once again, thank you to everyone who donated. Absolutely brilliant.

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