Friday 22nd April

Welcome back to a lovely sunny Summer term! 

We had a lovely start to the week with the decorated egg competition - a great Lydgate tradition. Year 4 showed their creative spirit yet again. We had some eggs-cellent contributions (ha ha!) Here are a few of them.

Well done to everyone that entered and a super huge well done to our winners, pictured here below. We hope you shared you Easter eggs with your family.


We have enjoyed getting to know the story of 'A Midsummer Night's Dream' this week. We looked at some of the themes in the play like magic and dreams. Puck uses a magic potion from the juice of a flower to cast a spell. Because flowers and plants feature in the story, we looked at some examples from around our school.

We looked closely at the flowers and plants we had collected and made careful close observational drawings. We used magnifying glasses to get up really close.

Here are some of our drawings. Check out the detail!

We also looked at some paintings and drawings made by Margaret Mee. She was a painter and botanist who spent lots of time in the Amazon finding out all about the plant life that grows there. She also campaigned against the destruction of the rainforest. We realy like Margaret Mee and what she stood for. We are going to use pictures of her work and our own designs to make monoprints. Watch this space!


This week, we have been focusing on problem solving in maths.  We have used short division to help us solve some real life problems.  This can be quite tricky as some problems require more than one calcuation to answer the question.  We also created a picture in our maths books using division to put the pieces of the puzzle together.  Here is some of our good work below. 


In 4JD this week we also learned about botanist and aritst Margaret Mee and her amazing drawings and sketches. We enjoyed learning a bit about her life and her passion for environmental issues. We were inspired by her drawings, to create our own pictures of plants using coloured crayons, drawing pencils and watercolour paints.

It felt like we were drawing in a summer meadow, while we listened to bird song in the class room. We are looking forward to creating our own prints based on our botanical sketches.

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