Friday 20th May 2022

This week, we have-kick started our annual RRS campaign.

As a school, our campaign theme this year is 'Endangered Animals' so, in Year 4, we have decided to focus on the atlantic puffin as this species has recently been added to the red list of endangered species and being a sea bird, it links with our geography work on the coastal town of Scarborough. The aim of our campaign is to raise awareness of the threats to the puffin and then fundraise so that we actually feel we are doing something to help these charismatic birds. During our special two days, the children have found out some amazing facts about puffins, researched why they are now on the endangered list, looked at maps showing where puffins feed and breed, written persuasive letters to organisations such as the UK and Icelandic governments and..... created some incredible artwork! Our next plan is to have some of the puffin paintings printed as postcards (wow, that's alot of alliteration!) which we will sell to raise money to support a puffin charity of the children's choice. Watch this space to find out how you can buy their unique puffin portraits.

Have a look at the photos below to get a taste of our campaign days. The children learnt so much and were so incredibly enthusiastic. We all love puffins now -  what amazing birds they are!





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