Friday 10th June


What fun we have had in 4JD today while learning all about Blue Whales! We watched a Blue Planet clip with David Attenborough, then listened to the story called ‘The Big Blue Whale’ by Nicola Davies and took some notes. Next, we matched up some topic words with their meanings to learn some more blue whale vocabulary. Later we fired up the laptops and did some further independent research in our notebooks. We were learning so much about these incredible mammals!

Did you know that blue whales are actually more of a green colour than blue! Also they don’t have teeth, instead flexible baleen plates act like a sieve, filtering the tiny krill from the unwanted salty water for them to swallow. Blue whales grow to a colossal 30 metres, (we measured this out and walked around the perimeter on the yard!), with a tongue around the same weight as an elephant! They are currently considered an endangered species. 

We were then ready to be creative this afternoon as we began our annotated diagrams. Here are just a few of them.

Make sure you look at the blog next week to hopefully see our brilliant, finished, blue whale reports, which will feature our annotated diagrams from this week!



In 4CW we have been considering how many good authors use the 'show don't tell' method in their writing and don't directly tell the reader how the characters are feeling.  This week we have been trying it out for ourselves using 'The Iron Man' story for our inspiration.   Have a look at the next two pieces of our writing and see if you can work out how these families are feeling.  We have tried to show you, without telling you!


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