Friday 24th June

It's been another wonderful week in Year 4 - take a look!


This week, in 4JD we have proven ourselves to be data handling experts, (which has really impressed Mrs Drury!)  We gathered information about our journey to school and presented some superb bar charts to show our methods of travel clearly. We then wrote sentences about our data and did some further work on extracting information from other graphs. We presented our work both accurately and neatly!

We finally completed our blue whale reports. We loved putting these together and adding flaps, glossaries and extra fact boxes. All to compliment the basics needed in a report, like a clear title, an introduction, subheadings, a labelled diagram and photographs. What fabulous work!


We have really enjoyed listening to the first story in our 'Legends of the Sea' writing unit. It's a Scottish folk tale all about a selkie. We had all heard of merfolk but none of us had heard of selkies. Legend has it that a selkie is a girl wrapped in a seal skin. The Scots word for grey seal is selch so this is where the word comes from. If a man finds a selkie's skin and keeps it, the selkie will become his wife. We had lots to say about that! Selkies belong in the water though and, in most stories, they always return to the sea.

We spent some time researching selkies, merfolk, the Scottish islands and grey seals. We are looking forward to listening to more myths and legends from the sea next week.

After a long wait, we were excited to have our class treat today. We spent the morning making and baking pizzas and the afternoon eating them! We designed and made our own pizza boxes from nets which kept our food clean and safe.

We enjoyed our pizzas with the film 'The Iron Giant'. It is based on the book 'The Iron Man' by Ted Hughes, which we finished this week. What a brilliant day!


We decided to escape the heat under the cooling canopy of our woods this week. Although we’ve visited the woods many times, we explored a little more slowly and took in all the detail. Armed with clipboards, paper and a pencil, we searched for an appealing spot. Some of us huddled in groups, while others enjoyed the calm and peace of working alone.

We focused on something that caught our eye – a leaf, a flower, bark or a whole tree! With great concentration, we sketched, trying to draw exactly what we could see. We worked with such great concentration that, for once, the woods were quiet! As you can see, we’ve done a wonderful job of creating detailed, observational sketches.

One of girls brought in a litter picker from home, especially for our trip to the woods. As you can see from the photo, 3 gorgeous girls managed to be eco-warriors as well as great artists and collected any rubbish that they found along the way. We know how lucky we are to have the woods and how important it is to look after it. Thank you girls!

And finally.....

We have been busy taking orders and selling our puffin badges and cards this week. We are going to keep our campaign going for another few days and then add up our funds. We are keeping our fingers crossed that we have enough for each class to adopt a puffin. Watch this space!


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