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The Y4 team consists of the following teachers: Mrs Purdom in Y4JP, Mrs Smith and Mrs Smith (yes, that's right) in Y4SS, Mrs Wymer in Y4CW and Mrs Drury in Y4JD. The children are also supported by our teaching assistants: Mrs Proctor, Mrs Cooper, Mrs Mulqueen, Mrs Allen, Mrs Hill and Mr Gartrell. We have help from Ms Reasbeck, Miss Lee and Mrs Grimsley too. What a team!
We know that the question children are mostly asked when they arrive home is 'What did you do today?' The response is often 'nothing'! Well, here is where you can find out what 'nothing' looks like. In our weekly blogs your children will share with you what they have been getting up to and show some of the wonderful work they have been doing. Check in each weekend for our latest news.

Friday 2nd October

Published: Sep 29, 2020

4JPThe whole school are busy working on a new whole school art theme of Fairy tales. Next week, everyone in the school will have a piece of art work displayed in the main school building. 4JP have listened to lots of fairy tales over the last few weeks and we decided to do 'Little Red Riding Hood' paintings…

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Friday 25th September

Published: Sep 23, 2020

4JP We have had a very busy, happy week! We have learnt all about what life was like for the Celts in Britain before the Romans invaded; we have learnt how sound is made through vibrations; we have practised our passing and catching skills in rugby; we have done a maths test (and smiled all the way through!)…

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Friday 18th September

Published: Sep 16, 2020

4JP go down to the woodsWe had our first Forest School session this week and we loved it! In class, we have been learning all about fairy tales from Norway. The Three Billy Goats Gruff is a Norwegian story. They very often feature creatures called trolls. Norse sailors thought that the trolls would get…

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Friday 11th September

Published: Sep 11, 2020

We have enjoyed our first full week in Year 4. New routines are established and we are much slicker at handwashing - it's just what we do now! We've done the first few lessons in our new books and impressed our teachers with our enthusiasm.4CWIn 4CW, we have had a very busy week. We have started to get…

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Friday 4th September

Published: Sep 04, 2020

Hello everyone and welcome to Year 4!Our first two days have got off to a flying start. It's been lovely to welcome everyone back and get to know each other all over again. We've caught up with old friends and we are beginning to make new ones. We've tried our best and been brilliant at getting to grips…

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A final farewell

Published: Jul 15, 2020

So here we are, the very last message of the year. It's not quite the goodbye we all envisaged but, when we look back at this blog, we remember the class of 2019/20 with great fondness. We've had lots of fun and created some great memories. We are so proud of each and every one of you.Here's what we've…

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Writing, sewing, walking and a new dog!

Published: Jul 10, 2020

This is the time of year when we think about moving on. We visit our new classrooms, spend time with our new teachers and we have a really big sort out and tidy up. It's all a bit different this year and some of you may be feeling a little bit apprehensive about the next step. We have sent you a Powerpoint…

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A really creative week

Published: Jul 03, 2020

Our Year 4s have impressed us all year with their creativity and this week has been no exception! Once again, we have some super work to share with you.This week, the children have turned detective, trying to work out who was responsible for the sinking of the Titanic. They have discovered the willow…

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Super learning, sport and sundials

Published: Jun 26, 2020

Hello again everyone. Our blog this week showcases more fantastic learning from our Year 4s. As well as keeping up with maths and English, we have also taken full advantage of the weather and taken part in a virtual sports day, made some shadow art and even been human sundials! As always, there are many…

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More learning from home and school...

Published: Jun 19, 2020

Life in Year 4 has, once again, been very busy and the week seems to have flown by.Whether we are working at home or at school, we have been practising decimals, continuing our work on the digestive system and doing more research about the Titanic. We have also done some work about the slave trade and…

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