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Welcome to Lydgate Junior School.

We aim to ensure that all children receive a high quality, enjoyable and exciting education.

We feel that our school is a true reflection of the community we serve. Lydgate children are well motivated and come from a range of social and cultural backgrounds. Within the school community we appreciate the richness of experience that the children bring to school. This enhances the learning experiences of everyone and it also gives all pupils the opportunity to develop respect and tolerance for each other by working and playing together. We want your child's time at Lydgate to be memorable for the right reasons - that is, a happy, fulfilling and successful period of his/her childhood.

Yours sincerely,
Stuart Jones

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Welcome to Year 3!

The Y3 teachers are Mrs Dutton & Mrs de Brouwer (3D/dB), Miss Hayden (3RH), Mrs Holden (3SH) and Miss Wall (3AW). We have several Teaching Assistants who work with Y3 children at different times through the week: Miss Mahon, Mr Bartholomew, Mrs Dawes and Miss Kania.

We will use this blog to keep you up-to-date with all the exciting things that we do in Year 3, share some of the things that the children learn and show you some of their fantastic work. We hope you enjoy reading it!

The Y3 team.

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Welcome to the Y4 blog. 

The Y4 team consists of the following teachers: Mrs Purdom in Y4JP, Mrs Smith and Mrs Smith (yes, that's right) in Y4SS, Mrs Wymer in Y4CW and Mrs Drury in Y4JD. The children are also supported by our teaching assistants: Mrs Proctor, Mrs Cooper, Mrs Mulqueen, Mrs Allen, Mrs Hill and Mr Gartrell. We have help from Ms Reasbeck, Miss Lee and Mrs Grimsley too. What a team!

We know that the question children are mostly asked when they arrive home is 'What did you do today?' The response is often 'nothing'! Well, here is where you can find out what 'nothing' looks like. In our weekly blogs your children will share with you what they have been getting up to and show some of the wonderful work they have been doing. Check in each weekend for our latest news.

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Welcome to the Year 5 Blog page.

The Year 5 teaching team consists of: Mrs Loosley (5NL), Miss Cunningham (5EC),  Mrs Ridsdale and Mrs Webb (5W/R) and Mr Bradshaw (5BB).  The children are also supported by our teaching assistants: Mr Swain, Mr Jenkinson, Mrs Hornsey and Mrs Allen. We have help from Mr Jones, Miss Lee, Ms Grimsley and Ms Reasbeck too. What a fantastic team!

Our PE days are Tuesday (indoor) and Wednesday (outdoor): the children need to wear their PE kits for school on those days. 

Spellings are sent home every Monday, to learn ready for a spelling dictation each Friday. 

Homework books (maths and SPaG) will be sent home once a week - the days will be decided by the class teachers who will let their classes know. They will have a whole week to complete the homework tasks. 

In our weekly blogs, the children will share some of the things they have been doing at school. Check in each weekend for the latest Y5 news!

The Year 5 Team

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We are the children in Y6 at Lydgate Junior School. There are 120 of us and our teachers are: Mrs Shaw and Mrs Watkinson (Y6S/W); Mrs Rougvie and Mrs Jones (Y6R/J); Mrs Phillips (Y6CP); and Miss Norris (Y6HN). Also teaching in Year 6 are: Miss Lee (Thursday in Y6R/J); Mrs Farrell (Thursday  in Y6HN); Mrs Grimsley (Thursday in Y6CP); and Mr Jones (Thursday inY6S/W).We are also very lucky to be helped by Mrs Hill, Mrs Mulqueen and Mr Gartrell. We use this space to share all of the great things that are happening in our classrooms. Join us each week on our learning journey....

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    20 Oct 2020

    Friday 23rd October

    Thank you, well done and happy holidays!
    The year 4 staff would like to say a big thank you to all the children for being such a happy and enthusiastic bunch of learners, a big well done for coming to school with a positive attitude and taking on board all our new systems and rules and a very well deserved happy holidays! 
    Thank you to parents and families too, for your support during this long half term. It's been new and unusual but one that has been filled with lots of smiles and fun.

    Here's a taste of what we have been getting up to this week:

    In 4CW this week, we have been busy electing our school council representative.  Nine of us put forward some fantastic presentations saying why we thought we would be suitable and also shared some of the good ideas we have.  It was a lovely afternoon and everyone voted.  Well done to Claudia who is going to be our class rep for this year.

    In our literacy lessons, we have been studying Horrid Henry books and thinking about how the author creates suspense and makes us want to read on.  We have really enjoyed these stories and have written our own, making up our own titles.  We have had a go at drawing a few of the characters from these stories.  Can you tell who they are?

    We have also enjoyed writing our Horrid Henry themed stories too and have started our work on decomposition (subtraction) in Maths! This week we learnt all about the Roman army and how organised they were. We also found out about the three invasions of Britain in 55BCE / BC, 54BCE / BC and 42AD / CE. We are looking forward to our next lessons on the Romans next half term.  Here is some of our work on Roman soldiers.

    It's been all about Horrid Henry in our class too! We have done lots of work, leading up to writing our very own stories on a Horrid Henry theme. First of all, we thought about the characters of Henry and Peter and their friends. We studied their personalities and thought about their appearance and how they behave. Then we created our own Horrid Henry characters, with alliterative names. We had Crazy Carl, Naughty Nick, Lovely Lily and Daft Dexter - we had lots of fun making up all the new names. We watched Tony Ross on Youtube showing us how to draw Horrid Henry and then we had a go at drawing our new characters. We wrote their characteristics around our drawings.

    Then we thought of a title for our stories. We had Luxurious Leo and the Lost Money, Miserable Meera and the First Day at School, Dirty Daniel gets Revenge and many more. Liam called his Reckless Rex and the New Vase. Can you guess what happens in his story?
    Before we started writing, we organised our thoughts on a story map. We thought about the journey of the story and the order of events. Here are a few of our story maps:

    This clever girl was so enthused about writing her story that she couldn't wait and she wrote hers at home! She called it Naughty Nick and the Great Eggy Adventure. She is busy publishing it at the moment. Here she is reading her story to the class. We all agree she is like a real author!

    We are very proud of our efforts and Mrs Purdom is looking forward to being entertained by our stories over half term!
    If you want to find out more about the world of Horrid Henry, this is a really good website:

    And finally...... don't forget your research homework!
    Everyone should have a copy of this in their homework books. It has also been emailed so the links are easy to access. 

    We hope you enjoy doing your Roman research and we are really looking forward to sharing your work when we return after the half term break.